Complimentary Consultation for Cellulite


Dr. Michael Lau

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New EPAT Treatment for Cellulite

The Cellulite Institute and Clinic, located in the greater Seattle area, serves women who are concerned about cellulite. Collaborating with Radiant Rejuvenation and Cosmetic Surgery in Seattle, the Cellulite Institute and Clinic provides the most up-to-date treatment for cellulite. Using the high-tech options of pulse wave therapy, radiofrequency therapy, and light therapy in combination with topical therapeutic agents, cellulite can be addressed in conjunction with other more traditional treatment modalities, such as exercise, massage, dietary and even hormonal therapy.

The Cellulite Institute and Clinic devotes much effort in clinical research for the most advanced and latest medical technologies for cellulite and other cosmetic concerns. Dr. Michael Lau, cosmetic surgeon and Medical Director of the Cellulite Institute and Clinic, is also a physicist involved in medical device innovation. He is working with researchers at the University of Washington, University of Utah, and the University of Oxford in various projects involving medical technology innovation. At the Cellulite Institute and Clinic, studies are being done to investigate the optimal combination of the various energy modalities to treat cellulite. In addition, Dr. Lau, being a board certified gynecologist, draws from his expertise in hormone, fat metabolism, and female physiology to complement the technology approach to give women the most comprehensive treatment plan for cellulite.

We invite you to contact us for a complimentary consultation to discuss your concerns about cellulite. If you are interested in participating in some of the cellulite studies at the Cellulite Institute and Clinic in the Seattle area, you may be eligible to receive a discount for the
treatment procedures.