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Dr. Michael Lau

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New EPAT Treatment for Cellulite

Research - The Cellulite Institute and Clinic - Seattle

Under the direction of Dr. Michael Lau, the Cellulite Institute and Clinic is undertaking several scientific and clinical research projects in optimizing the treatment results for cellulite. Dr. Lau received post graduate training in physics and chemistry prior to medical school and has been engaging in multiple research projects in medical innovations in association with academics at the University of Washington, University of Utah and also multiple industry entities.

Dr. Lau received further education at the University of Oxford, specializing in technology innovation. The cellulite research done at the Cellulite Institute and Clinic is in collaboration with scientists at the University of Washington and in the industry. Topics of research interest are as follows:

Synergistic effect of pulse wave therapy with RF collagen stimulation in treating cellulite

Combination treatment of pulse wave therapy with topical agents

Optimization of topical agent therapy

Disruptive effect of shock wave, pulse wave and focused ultrasound on subcutaneous fibrous septa in cellulite

Effect of low energy ultrasound in improving the efficacy of topical agents for cellulite treatment

Due to the sensitivity of intellectual property issues, we apologize that no further details will be provided on these studies.