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New EPAT Treatment for Cellulite

Treatment Options - The Cellulite Institute and Clinic - Seattle

CelluPulse EPAT (Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Treatment) for Cellulite

One of the most exciting new technologies for the treatment of cellulite is EPAT, a non-invasive office procedure using acoustic pressure waves to treat cellulite. The Cellulite Institute and Clinic is one of the first to use the EPAT technology in the Pacific Northwest. Research studies have shown that EPAT pressure waves stimulate the early expression of growth factors in tissue, improving blood supply and increased cell proliferation and tissue regeneration. In treating cellulite, the pressure wave also will impact the fibrous septa that contribute to cellulite. The EPAT treatment also improves circulation and lymphatic drainage, develops new capillaries to ensure better exchange to the connective tissue and fat cells, allows for new collagen fiber growth to thicken the skin, and also improves the bio-mechanic property of the skin. All these actions address the major causation factors of cellulite to help improve the appearance of the affected areas. More about EPAT »

EPAT treatment for cellulite

The CelluPulse EPAT treatment for cellulite is NEW at Radiant Rejuvenation! Watch this segment from The Doctors TV to learn more about the CelluPulse EPAT.

Radiofrequency (RF) Device – Thermage

While Thermage is approved for the treatment of wrinkles and rhytides, RF energy is known also known to affect the connective tissue septa and fat. The thermal energy causes tissue contraction and stimulates collagen growth which will improve the appearance of the skin over the cellulite area. The RF treatment is recommended especially for patients with flaccid skin texture, often in conjunction with EPAT therapy.

Light Therapy and Topical Agents

The use of red and infrared light, in conjunction with topical agents, has shown clinical improvement in the appearance of cellulite. The Cellulite Institute and Clinic is conducting research to improve this approach of utilizing phototherapy in conjunction with active topical agents to treat cellulite. Certain active ingredients have demonstrated stimulatory effects for skin texture and the bio-mechanical property of the skin. Other agents have shown lipolytic activities to decrease the size of fat cells. Topical preparations with such ingredients can be used independently or in conjunction with light therapy or EPAT in treating cellulite. More about topical agents »

Subcision and Lipocontouring

For deep dimpling caused by thick, fibrous septa, most non-invasive treatments are not be able to correct the problem. Under local anesthesia, these thick fibrous septa can be divided by the office procedure of subscision, using a specialized cutting device.

Liposuction does not necessarily improve the appearance of cellulite and actually can occasionally cause more skin irregularity if it is done too superficially. The Cellulite Institute and Clinic will use lipocontouring to do deep tissue liposuction to decrease the very obvious, genetically predisposed bulge in the lateral thigh to improve the general contour of the thigh and to decrease the exaggeration of cellulite appearance over the bulge area, often in conjunction with other cellulite treatment modalities.

Diet, Exercise, and Dietary Supplements

The Cellulite Institute and Clinic believes that proper diet, exercise, and dietary supplements will improve the general tone of skin and subcutaneous tissue, decrease fat deposits, and improve circulation. All of these will contribute positively to improve the appearance of cellulite, and more importantly, the health and beauty of the woman.

Cost Considerations

The Cellulite Institute and Clinic has the fundamental philosophy of providing the most cost effective treatment for cellulite. Discounts will be given to treatment programs combining several modalities. Discounts will also be given to patients who voluntarily participate in some of the clinical studies conducted at the Cellulite Institute and Clinic.